Happy Father’s Day

Just want to send wishes to all the Father’s for Father’s Day on Sunday June 21. And to all who are able to celebrate and have fun with their fathers and to the ones who miss or who can’t get close enough to their fathers, including myself.

Until next time, Happy Father’s Day to  Mr. Leon Simington Sr. I miss you daddy.


My Fitness Plan is Over

Well, another week, another messed up fitness plan. I hate all the things that I do that delay things I want to do. Procarastination, forgetfullness, too many ideas. I didn’t even go to the YWCA this week.  And I am so disappointed in myself. I did want to go into the pool, especially with the weather getting warmer. Had too much on my mind. Lost some money. I WAS ROBBED, PEOPLE. I know I wasn’t the only one. This Hearbleed thing. Whatever they want to call it. I am sick of these ******** hackers, or whoever they are. 

Tired of creating new passwords, tired of wondering if my stuff is safe. I can;t afford to get another computer. I would like to. I do need another one. I can barely afford upgrading to Windows 8. WT*? I already have to scrap up money for basic household stuff and gas. That’s because I don’t work. I don’t spend all my money on any kind of stuff. I know I have to be careful and make a budget and all that stuff. My issue is that I only have one source of income and when that comes in, that is all I have for the month. I don’t get anything else from  anybody else. 

So with my other blog(I had to start over – I don’t know what happened but it’s gone) I want to put down my ideas on business I would like to start. I had already discussed the music idea and I want to sell some really old albums. Plan to create an etsy site for these albums. So until next time, “HeyMsDj” is almost ready.

Fight the Power

Actually, I did fight someone in authority. Years ago, I worked in a hospital in the food service department. I was employed there before my supervisor arrived. I had heard about him, many stories about his ego. 

My problem came up with the schedule for an upcoming week. I had already asked him to have days off. But I don’t remember exact details. Later, I went to check the schedule and it wasn’t what I had hope for. I went to him and wanted to talk to him about it. I ended up getting upset and was very loud.

The turnout was in my favor. I believe it happened that way because he had many complaints about the way he scheduled people. I knew that and I was happy he changed my schedule for me. I was happy about that but he still wasn’t my favorite person after that. Anyway, that department had many wild and crazy activities besides freaked out supervisors and other weird happenings. It was called Dietary department – I called it Dramatery. Yea, that’s right! Fighting, firings….. what else? Oh well! Try it yourself.

The pool, part 2

Week two is done and over with at the YWCA and I am happy it’s over. I enjoyed going in the pool. I wore a scarf this time and I still had fun. But for some reason, I don’t feel as sore this week as I did the first week. Happy about that. After the pool I went up to the weight room again. And now I’m thinking – do I keep doing the swimming and the weight room. Because I am sore. Are both of these necessary? 

All I know is that I am waiting to finish this coaching program. I like the pool, don’t care for the machines. Anyway, waiting for next week. And until next time, trying to lose the weight, just like most other folks.

Live Below the Line

I want to update some people(especially the ones that I challenged) on the live below the line project. I informed people that this project begins in early April. I am  sorry, I was wrong. This project begins close to the end of April. I am getting ready to make my choices of my foods and beverages for the week. 

Oh wait! I didn’t really talk about this, did I ? Wow, ok. This challenge is to help the hunger and I joined this challenge last week. And I admit I am kinda nervous because I really do like to eat. But to know that there are people who really don’t get enough to eat, it’s too sad for me. And I don’t want to believe it but it is true. Anyway, the challenge is this – for one week, eat on $1.50 a day. Yep, you see it right. That’s $1.50. Could you do that? I hope I can. And I am getting my head and my stomach ready. 

If you are interested learning more about this food challenge(and I hope you are), go to this site: wwwlivebelowtheline.com, read all about it and sign up. Be strong. Do it. Create a team. I am thinking of folks to start a team with. And I know this will be so interesting. And oh, I also believe you will help raise money for a great cause. The Hunger Project(?). Let’s do this! Until next time.

Try, try again

This is kind of an update on my fitness plan. I began last week at the YWCA. And I signed up for a four-week coaching program. Well it was kind of rough, in a way. First, I kept getting confused between the lower-body machines I was assigned to. They look almost the same and you kind of move your legs the same. 

Anyway I think I have them straight, so this is week two of the program and I believe I will try something different. I have been wanting to get into the pool. I was waiting until I got a swim cap but I don’t want to weight now. And I think I will start off slow and probably keep my head above the water while I do the exercises. Then I believe later I will start back to swimming. That could be better for me anyway.

My feet hurt and they feel like the bones on the inside could protrude out. It might sound weird but that’s how they feel. That’s one reason why I want to get in the pool. The other reason is that I am not really into walking, which is what I have been doing. And doing that, walking, I don’t even get to 30 minutes. I still can’t get into that. Anyway, I meant to do something today since I don’t think I lost an ounce last week. And week two begins tomorrow so I will try harder. Until next time, I plan to have fun in the pool and push thru on those weight machines.