My Fitness Plan is Over

Well, another week, another messed up fitness plan. I hate all the things that I do that delay things I want to do. Procarastination, forgetfullness, too many ideas. I didn’t even go to the YWCA this week.  And I am so disappointed in myself. I did want to go into the pool, especially with the weather getting warmer. Had too much on my mind. Lost some money. I WAS ROBBED, PEOPLE. I know I wasn’t the only one. This Hearbleed thing. Whatever they want to call it. I am sick of these ******** hackers, or whoever they are. 

Tired of creating new passwords, tired of wondering if my stuff is safe. I can;t afford to get another computer. I would like to. I do need another one. I can barely afford upgrading to Windows 8. WT*? I already have to scrap up money for basic household stuff and gas. That’s because I don’t work. I don’t spend all my money on any kind of stuff. I know I have to be careful and make a budget and all that stuff. My issue is that I only have one source of income and when that comes in, that is all I have for the month. I don’t get anything else from  anybody else. 

So with my other blog(I had to start over – I don’t know what happened but it’s gone) I want to put down my ideas on business I would like to start. I had already discussed the music idea and I want to sell some really old albums. Plan to create an etsy site for these albums. So until next time, “HeyMsDj” is almost ready.


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