Fight the Power

Actually, I did fight someone in authority. Years ago, I worked in a hospital in the food service department. I was employed there before my supervisor arrived. I had heard about him, many stories about his ego. 

My problem came up with the schedule for an upcoming week. I had already asked him to have days off. But I don’t remember exact details. Later, I went to check the schedule and it wasn’t what I had hope for. I went to him and wanted to talk to him about it. I ended up getting upset and was very loud.

The turnout was in my favor. I believe it happened that way because he had many complaints about the way he scheduled people. I knew that and I was happy he changed my schedule for me. I was happy about that but he still wasn’t my favorite person after that. Anyway, that department had many wild and crazy activities besides freaked out supervisors and other weird happenings. It was called Dietary department – I called it Dramatery. Yea, that’s right! Fighting, firings….. what else? Oh well! Try it yourself.


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