Live Below the Line

I want to update some people(especially the ones that I challenged) on the live below the line project. I informed people that this project begins in early April. I am  sorry, I was wrong. This project begins close to the end of April. I am getting ready to make my choices of my foods and beverages for the week. 

Oh wait! I didn’t really talk about this, did I ? Wow, ok. This challenge is to help the hunger and I joined this challenge last week. And I admit I am kinda nervous because I really do like to eat. But to know that there are people who really don’t get enough to eat, it’s too sad for me. And I don’t want to believe it but it is true. Anyway, the challenge is this – for one week, eat on $1.50 a day. Yep, you see it right. That’s $1.50. Could you do that? I hope I can. And I am getting my head and my stomach ready. 

If you are interested learning more about this food challenge(and I hope you are), go to this site:, read all about it and sign up. Be strong. Do it. Create a team. I am thinking of folks to start a team with. And I know this will be so interesting. And oh, I also believe you will help raise money for a great cause. The Hunger Project(?). Let’s do this! Until next time.


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