Try, try again

This is kind of an update on my fitness plan. I began last week at the YWCA. And I signed up for a four-week coaching program. Well it was kind of rough, in a way. First, I kept getting confused between the lower-body machines I was assigned to. They look almost the same and you kind of move your legs the same. 

Anyway I think I have them straight, so this is week two of the program and I believe I will try something different. I have been wanting to get into the pool. I was waiting until I got a swim cap but I don’t want to weight now. And I think I will start off slow and probably keep my head above the water while I do the exercises. Then I believe later I will start back to swimming. That could be better for me anyway.

My feet hurt and they feel like the bones on the inside could protrude out. It might sound weird but that’s how they feel. That’s one reason why I want to get in the pool. The other reason is that I am not really into walking, which is what I have been doing. And doing that, walking, I don’t even get to 30 minutes. I still can’t get into that. Anyway, I meant to do something today since I don’t think I lost an ounce last week. And week two begins tomorrow so I will try harder. Until next time, I plan to have fun in the pool and push thru on those weight machines.


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