Wonder Woman

I luv Wonder Woman! I really do. I luv her. I used to luv to watch the t.v.series because she had a body and I like when she would spin into her costume and begin her battle with the bad guys. She was just beautiful and she just kickin’ butt! I like that, for her to look the way she did and take care of business.

I luv Wonder Woman and I luv Ms. Linda Carter in that character.  I read sometime last year that there was a big-screen movie in the works. I am still waiting for it. I haven’t heard anything else about it but i did hear that Anne Hathaway would be starring as Wonder Woman. Well, I like Anne Hathaway more than some people, but I don’t want her in that role. I think Anne Hathaway doesn’t have the attitude or confidence to play that role. 

I hope the movie does come out but I would like to see a Black chick in the movie. Yea, I think that would add a whole LOT of flavor! Now I know some of you would like to remind m!  of the movie Catwoman –  starring Halle Barry. Yea, I saw it. That’s a whole different movie and I am talking about Wonder Woman right now. Anyway, I have a couple of ideas for who could be perfect for the role. BAM! Vivica A. Fox. That’s right, I said it. Vivaca A. Fox. You know she got attitude coming out her eyeballs, with a grin to match. She is funny though. This lady’s got brains and sass. Yea, let’s get her in the role. Come on V. How ’bout it? If not her, how about Kerry Washington? They got body. What about somebody new? I wouldn’t mind. Until next time, who would you prefer to play the role in Wonder Woman? Let me know.


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