Everybody into the Pool

Well, I did it. My first day of a four-week program at the YWCA. I was nervous about going on the lower body weight machines but I got through it. I walked first, this time doing six laps. But when I got on the machines, I got confused and forgot how to do some things. I believe I have become a “problem child” already. I joked with one of the fitness coaches. Plan to be back on Wednesday and do the same but I need to be sure to do my cardio tomorrow because I don’t want to go out if we have a wintery mix. May even try to get in the pool by the end of the week if the weather is nice. Really want to swim, but I am having problems with my left knee and the bottom of my feet. Weird, I know but I want to get off my feet anyway. I WILL lose this weight. Just need to keep going. Until next time, going to look for a swim cap.


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