Hey now! Today is Friday March 21 and I finally made it to the Y. Yea, I know I’m slow but I have to admit I am a big procrastinator. I just can’t help it. But I got a membership TWO WEEKS ago. And I kept going back and forth on weather to begin with walking or getting in the pool. I know it’s still cool but I really like being in the water. It was close but I need to get a swim cap so I walked this time. Anyway, I just became another natural sista and I ain’t ready to damage my hair already after getting it moisturized with some Jane Carter and others.

So I walked, thinking I maybe could do three laps because I haven’t done a workout in weeks. And my feet hurt because I have a bone in my left foot(since I have been diagnosed with f.p) keeps bothering me. I think I did good, doing five laps. Even though on the fourth lap I stated slowing down, but I finished. Forget to pat myself on the back. 

Anyway, after my walk, I went into the room with the machines, I guess just the weight room. I spoke with a fitness coach and decided to sign up for the fitness training. Starting next week, Well, she did an assessment, I think my boobs are bigger(kinda) than I thought. Then she took me to the machines and explained them to me and demonstrated how she wanted me to use them. Oh boy. Didn’t expect that. But she knows the machines and she had a plan. Thank you. And I assumed folks went in and did what they wanted to do. I see that is not how it works. 

So I plan to go in there early, hopefully by 10 a.m. Walk first probably then get on the machines. I mentioned to her how much I wanted to lose and what I wanted to do. Lose some of my thighs and my belly. So she’s got me doing three upper-body moves and three lower-body moves. Send my some positive support, I need it. Thanks. This program is free and is for four weeks.

It simple and I know I can do this. I’m just not used to doing a set workout, having a schedule. So she will check my paperwork and test me soon. I need to write down foods that I eat and other things like other activities. That is not difficult, not even for me. And I just realized that I don’t stick with many things. But I need to stick with working at getting healthy. My belly is too big and I need to get trim

I have read that that two to three pounds is the correct amount of weight to lose so i won’t freak out when I don’t lose a bunch of weight in the beginning. Again, I am asking for support and maybe some ideas, even though I have read so much about various things. But this weekend I’m getting ready for Monday and I think I will leave the house at maybe, hopefully between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.  There are so many people who do this, probably everyday. I know for myself, it won’t be easy but i read a lot of stories and I really admire those folks. 

I hope soon I will become one of these people and I will definately be proud of my self. I would like to lose at least 20 or 25 pounds. I have too many health issues to keep ignoring getting healthy and I have an anniversary coming up in April. It’s my third annual clinical visit for my kidney transplant. I am excited but kind of anxious. I don’t mean to take this for granted because I received young organs so I can go a long time if I do right. So, once again, I need support! And until next time, I want to be at least five pounds lighter:)


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