Mandisa and Simon Cowell

After she left the room, he asked “Do we have a bigger stage?” Simon Cowell, at the beginning of the season of American Idol with the contestant Mandisa. Mandisa is the dark-skinned beauty whom the evil Simon was referring to. I was watching an episode of Katie and Mandisa was a guest. I thought the show was a repeat. I did not catch the show when Simon said that negative statement, but Mandisa told Katie that she was with family and friends when she watched that show. She also told Katie that a week later she saw Simon Cowell and he apologized for the comment.

l missed a lot of her story when she competed on American Idol but I remember hearing about her and her size. Well, I am glad that she didn’t let that get her down and on Katie’s show, she mentioned that she had lost, I think 100 pounds. Way to go gurl! She looks good to me and I am proud of her. And happy that she has the confidence to not let negative things get her down. For that, Mandisa,  I name you curvygurl of the week! Stay curvy! And until next time, luv your body!


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