Music, music, music

When I was a little girl, I discovered that I had a love of music when I heard my daddy hum and snap his fingers at the dinner table. One Christmas, we received a toy organ as a gift. I tried my hardest to learn to play. And I wanted to play that organ because my family already listened to many R & B music and we had albums of Stevie Wonder and The Brothers Johnson. I luved Stevie Wonder and I still do. I tried to teach myself how to play the keyboard as an adult but it didn’t work. Anyway, I luv that there are so many people in this world that appreciate his great talent. I luv his ideas, his style and especially his humor. I believe we still have his albums. I don’t have a favorite song by Stevie Wonder. But my favorite album is “Songs in the Keys of Life”.

Another favorite artist I luv are The Jackson 5. Wow I was kind of silly as a little girl. Well not really but one thing that I remember doing one Christmas is that I would play the Christmas album and with one song I replaced “The Jackson 5/ wanna wish everybody/a Merry Merry Christmas/ and a groovy New Year, to The ********** Six/ wanna wish everybody/ a Merry Merry Christmas/ and a groovy New Year. Kooky I know but I was the only one who sang that. I wanted to sing, but I didn’t know it at the time. Oh well. That dream hadn’t even begun. Hehe.

I still wish I was a singer. Nobody in my family knows it but I don’t care. Anyway, Sister Sledge was one group that I was a big fan of. I even collected a few of their albums. Yep, still got ’em too. I don’t have a stereo player so I can’t listen to them the way I want to. My number one song by Sister Sledge is “We Are Family”. That’s right. And I still luv that song. I have two sisters and I think of them when I think of that song. And they where beautiful. Then and now. And having that Chic sound was something else. I luv Chic too. Anyway, music is powerful. I never new how much, but it really is. I know a lot of you know it. I wished I was a songwriter. 

There are so many artists that I luved back then and most of them are still on my top ten list of artists. I still enjoy the ol’  school singers. This is giving me ideas for an opportunity and I hope it comes to pass very soon. Until next time, Don’t Stop the Music. Yea, I know, that was corny.


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