Our House

OH MY GOD! For real though. I had to jump up and grab my notebook because I wanna tell you about my house. This is gonna be so fun because I loved the house we lived in. I think I loved everything about it. Maybe almost everything. But I will tell you what I remember and I won’t talk like everything was perfect because it wasn’t but this is how I grew up.

The house was green. A pretty green. Not lime green. And not aquamarine. Or a grassy green. Just green. Three bedrooms and two baths. Our house was in a cul de sac. In the middle of the circle and at the top of a hill. The driveway was steep. And we had a carport. My oldest brother could rollerskate(in the really old skates) down that hill backwards. I loved that. We had a nice sized backyard with a hill that led up into the backyard of the next street. We had a huge mut that I was scared to death of. So was everybody else. It was funny sometimes. The dog kept breaking loose from the chain and we would stand in the yard and call him. 

We did some really fun things while we were there. I used to think we were something else. But now a days it probably no big thing. Anyway, we were always all over the neighborhood. So much fun. I was really young in my opinion, I was about seven or eight years old. We walked to the store, we walked up and down these streets to get to the airport and watch the planes take off and land. I loved that too . I believe that’s probably why we couldn’t wait for The Blue Angels to fly over when that time came. We went plum picking and berry picking. Fun, fun. fun. 

Not everything was honkey-dorey though. One day I was riding a bike with these girls and one girl lost control of her bike and fell off. I was so scared because we were going downhill and when she fell she got scraped up all over her legs and hands. The other friend told me to to go get help from the family of the girl who fell. I had to run up another hill the house and was thinking my friend might die. I was scared. I don’t remember how long she was in the hospital but it was a long time. I haven’t seen her in years but I keep thinking about that day.

Another thing that happened that I should have been scared to death of was our house caught on fire. Well, maybe I should say, my sister, a different friend and I set the house on fire, trying to fry some eggs. We were not supposed to be messing with the oven, Older sister was not there. She was over at a friend’s house. My daddy was hot. He was working and my mom told him what happened and to this day, my sister(the older one, the one who was supposed to be watching us) blames us for the fire. Yea, it was our fault but it wouldn’t have happened if she was there to tell us not to do that. 

My mom used to like to talk about when I would breakout from pollen and she used to always say i didn’t go outside because of my allergies. Not true. I did go outside. I  fractured my arm outside. It was a weird experience. I got stung by a bee right in front of the house, even though bees somehow found a way into our room where we slept. And we learned how to swim by going down to the YMCA every summer. We would get there when they opened and we didn’t leave until they put us out. I loved that. That was fun. Now I always think about getting into the pool.

Other weird things that happened was that my sister and I would pick up dead baby birds that fell from the opening of the house and bury them in the flower bed. Still don’t know why we did that but we just didn’t want to leave them on the carport. We had honeysuckle flowers growing in front of the house and I think that is my favorite flower since then. It smells really nice. My brothers had a turtle and a rabbit. We even had a tent and camped out – in the backyard. I think we were kind of weird sometimes but I had fun doing those things. 

When we left our green house i used to dream about moving back in. But we never did. I really wanted to go back to that house. I loved that house. If I had enough money to buy it and it was for sale, I would want to buy it. That’s how much I loved being in that house. Weird, I know but that’s how I am. I loved my childhood. Even when we lived in the projects. Which was before we moved into the green house.



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