Gov. McCrory: Duke Energy and the Coal Ash spill

I read many emails from a variety of organizations that ask me to support their cause. Most of the time I click on the sign petition button. Crazy laws and government bullying is getting on my nerves. I also get a few emails from women’s group who ask me to pledge to help a candidate move up from  where she is and I don’t mind all that. But I have a serious problem right now with something that is going on in my own state. And I have to say that I am actually kind of embarressed by it.

Our Governor, Pat McCrory has to deal with some doozies. This includes the Coal Ash spill and Duke Energy cover up, Well, I think I want to start with the mess of the Coal Ash spill.

Headline – “McCrory outlines 2014 agenda”.Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Winston-Salem.

Headline – “McCrory’s shallow Teacher’s Pay-raise plan”. Didn’t get a date on this one, sorry.

Headline – “State wants probe of pipes”. Date March 6, 2014, Thursday.

Yesterday was Thursday March 6, and the Department of Enviroment and Natural Resources(DENR) wants Duke Energy to come up with a plan to schedule to inspect all of its pipes. At the beginning, Duke Energy told the DENR that the company only had one pipe that was made of a “weaker material”. But when Duke went back to check, they ended up finding up to eight more corrugated metal pipes. Oops! Well, DENR is giving Duke Energy 10 days(from Wednesday, since that was when Duke informed DENR about the pipes). Also DENR plans to conduct inspections of its own of all 14 of Duke Energy’s coal ash plants.

The Rev. William Barber, head of the state NAACP says that “the deflection of responsibility by Gov. Pat McCrory and his administration is ammoral, unjust and a sin. And it’s time for repentance”. 

Oh, did I mention that Gov. McCrory was employed with Duke Energy for over 25 years? And that Duke Energy and its officials donated thousands of dollars to Gov. Pat McCrory and Republicans in the state House and Senate” This is according to the Winston-Salem Journal. I believe that Gov. McCrory is trying to separate himself from Duke Energy since he left employment the way Mitt Romney tried to separated himself from Bain Capital. Anyway.

In a February 15 story in the W-S Journal, “McCrory denies he interceded on Duke’s behalf”. Ok. Um hum. No talks with executives or lobbyists about a deal to settle violations. After working at Duke for 28 years McCrory retired to run for governor in 2008. But he was defeated by former governor Beverly Perdue. Oh well. Anyway.


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