Career Coaching and Resume Writing

Ok, ok, After all these years I have finally decided to give in and look for a career coach and a professional resume writer because I really need a lot of help and I truly believe(duh) this will hopefully, finally get me better jobs. Way back when I began school, I decided to visit the office where they help you decide on what you want to do if you don’t know yet.

I wtn a couple of times and I was thinking that everything would be fine. But it didn’t. Even though for a very long time I was employed just like other folks. And half of the time I was registered with a Temporary Employment agency. And there were so many of those, I don’t remember all of them.  And yes, I am kind of embarassed to admit that. Surprisingly, as young as I was, I like working, I really did. And I didn’t even have a favorite job until I began employment at a music store at the mall. Oh boy! What fun!

When I worked at the store at the mall, this retail music store was a popular store and I was happy to be working there. I had fun and the first holiday was very busy and I moved so fast while I helped customers find the music that they were looking for. I luved being there. The people I worked with were funny. But of course I wanted to do more. And when you want to move and management don’t want to allow that to happen, you are ready to move on. From there I went to another store. Blockbuster Music. Luved being there too. 

Anyway, after that I did many other positions, for example – customer service, food service, stockers, backroom workers, cashieer, cleaner  inventory clerk and many others. But right now I feel like it’s time for me to do something very different. And I have so many ideas for being  an entreprenuer. I enjoy reading posts about folks doing their own thing. It gives me hope. So maybe my next post will be about my business plan for one of my many ideas for a business. Wish me luck. I been trying to do something for too long. And until next time.


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