Sweet Dreams

Ok, I think I like this one. I need to write more so I want to do this writing challenge. But this Daily Prompt about Sweet Dreams is gonna be fun for me. I remember years ago I worked at a music store and I loved what I was doing. I was a salesperson and I loved being there. I just know that Madonna had a song titled “Crazy for You”. I love that song but I haven’t heard it in a very long time. Anyway, there was a boxed set, blue that I purchased. 

Shortly after I bought the cassette boxed set, I listened to that song and I left my radio on all night. I really love that song and I dreamed that this man was crazy for me. I still remember the dream because no one has ever showed me a side like this. In this dream this man was very goodlooking and had a nice smile and he took me home to meet his parents. I meet the parents and then I am in a bedroom for some reason. In this room there are about six or seven little boys. Everybody is on the bed they are too cute and I laughed while they jumped on the bed and hugged me. They were about two or three years old, maybe. Just jumping on the bed and laughing and playing and having fun. Soooo Cute. I still love that dream. And that is my Sweet Dream. Wish it would come true.


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