Thank you FLOTUS

This morning on Friday, Feb. 28.,  I watched Jenna Bush Hager showed part 2 of her interview with the First Lady of the United States. In the interview, it is with proud news that the First Lady is celebrating four years of her Let’s Move program. Yay! I am glad she started this. While the interview was going on, there were video clips of the First Lady travelling, interacting with children and doing other activities. I have seen some of it before but I liked watching it again. One thing she mentioned was that when she was younger, her mother cooked at home and that she cooked vegetables. Wonderful! I ate vegetables when I was younger. 

When I was a little girl I ate a variety of vegetables and I really enjoyed eating those vegetables. An example is that my favorite veggie was spinach. Why? Just because Popeye ate spinach and I luved the Popeye cartoon. My other favorite vegetable was carrots. And the reason why I ate the carrots was because I watched Bugs Bunny. And I always thought Bugs Bunny was funny. Green beans, cucumbers were other foods I enjoyed when I was a little girl. 

I am glad that The First Lady is pushing this healthy program, especially for kids. And Let’s Move looks fun. I have never been an active person but I grew up a decent girl. I enjoyed being outside sometimes but not Iike the other kids did. I became allergic to polllen and I sneezed a lot growing up. Still my favorite season in Spring. Anyway I didn’t go outside a whole lot but I did hang out with the neighborhood kids and went around and played and did some kinda crazy stuff.(Who sits at an airport and watches planes take off and land? I luved doing that). I wasn’t thinking about exercise or anything like that of course, I was just having fun. Even in school, I hated gym class(and the girl’s uniform was so ugly) I was glad to get outside sometimes. It seemed natural. 

Nowadays there are no gym class, too many video games being played inside, and most foods have many crazy chemicals and other stuff in them that it makes me sick to my stomach. And now the news is talking more about diabetes and obesity and high blood pressure and many other conditions. I know we are all not sick but the foods are really messing us up. And yes, I know this is my opinion but when parents refuse some vaccines and protests some foods because weird things are being added to kids foods. I am starting to believe that we ought to be more firm in denying the food we purchase. I want foods that will really help me out and not hurt me. I think I would rather  pay a little more for cleaner food than pay for a lot of junk, killing me.




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