The Boogieman

To me, the Boogieman was supposed to be a spooky fake something that was either under the bed, behind the curtains or in the closet. It gave you shivers or made you want to squeeze you eyes shut. And some people have other imaginations. But I have a very different image today. Actually, I have more than one version. So let me describe them to you.

#1 – The Evil Kidnapper. He grabs you and laughs at you and tortures you and threatens your family.

#2 – Child Snatcher. Also known as a pervert, creepy. pedophile and a very sick, twisted ****.

#3 – The wife abuser. Never been married but I have read and heard some stories. He fell in love with yTheou, told you he can’t live without you or told you no one else would want you . When you get pregnant he blames you, hurts you and keeps you from everyone else.

#4 – The Gunslinger. Why do you think you have a right to kill anyone? Why?

#5 – The Racist. And why in this day and age do you still hate other ethnicities, other religions and other folks who are not like you? We are supposed to be created equal but individually. That does not mean you are better than me. You did not make me, even though you want to destroy me. And the more you hate me, the more I am favored by The Almighty.

This is not from anyone else or any other blog or paper or voice, only my own and if you have comments please let me know. Thank you. Until next time, have a good week.



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