Online Dating: The Rest of It

First of all, I just want to say this: WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING? 

Ok, so Zoosk. This is so funny. I used to hear about line men gave to women to pick up but I didn’t think I would every hear, see the lines when the men wants to pick up a woman. Not even “How are you”? I wish I could remember them, so corny but kind of funny. Anyway, I need to introduce you(yes, I’ll change the names) to three of the men I tried to connect with.

The first one I started chatting with is Terry. He is nice. I will cut to the chase – he is living in a shelter. He let me know that about the second telephone call. He is working on getting an apartment. I am hoping he does, but with a part-time job that is about to become less part-time his chance is about to become less in his favor. I really hate that for him. He doesn’t have a vehicle so I have picked him up and taken him to a few places. But he has paid for lunch. But he seems to want all decisions to be his. And one major problem is I don’t see us going anywhere because he doesn’t seem to want more for the both of us. I am having doubts.

The next one I started chatting with was Glenn. Seems nice, good looking bald, dark-skinned man. Too bad he lives in another city. He told me he has three businesses. Whoa, alright now, He is a busy man. When I would see sitcoms with couples and they would argue because one works to much, I would think “at least he/she got a job”. Well, I’m shutting my mouth. I would like to see him but he gets home late. He has children, which I don’t mind. Recently he sent a video of him at work. His people were hard at work. He is funny. I like that. 

This other guy is nice too. He doesn’t have a vehicle either.O-K. He also lives in another city. He has made it sound like he doesn’t have a lot of people around. Why are we such alone people? I like chatting with him. He said he likes to watch westerns. Working full time and taking a training class so he can make more money. Nothing wrong with that. But I know I want more.

I want more than just a man who works. I want him to enjoy what he is doing, and hopefully he wants to move up in the company. I don’t need someone who has 10 jobs. No I am not limiting a man to one job, but I want to see him sometimes and I am not high maintanence. 

Men like to tell women they want to be friends. That’s what I have seen on other sites. They want to start off as friends and we will see where it goes from there. Yea. 

I keep saying to myself I want a man who wants to be with me. I believe that’s simple. If he doesn’t want to be with me, he needs to let me know. I am not one to just hang out with a man. I want friends, yea. And I don’t want to seem desperate. But it’s been a long time since I have been with someone. Nothing wrong with chatting but I want to see you, in person. I don’t care for talking on the phone too much. I’m not playing games with anybody. But I believe I want someone who will be real with me. I know it takes time. I think I need to keep at it. And I am sure someone will tell me to do something about the men. But it actually is not that hard for me. I just want one.

BUT, I will not do this again!


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