What’s up Gov. McCrory? Part 1

Ok, I really think we are messed up. This is the beginning of something kind of crazy. Living in North Carolina things are getting worse, in my opinion. Our Governor(did I spell that right?). Right now there are three issues/problems that we are dealing with that is truly embarrasing me.

First issue is the climate control problem. I believe the problem is real. Do you? Anyway, we are trying to get Gov. McCrory to do something. More details later.

Next is the coal ash spill that just happened last week. Why weren’t we notified as soon as it happened? What were they hiding? Oh, and Gov. McCrory was employed by Duke for many years. I need to go back and read the story that he wants us to believe.

And last but not least, the Teacher’s pay raise. HA. HA. That means there is really not pay raise. He is just making noise. I don’t like that. Anyway, as before, more details later. 

This is part 1 of this post. I will bring more information to let you know why I am upset and what other folks are talking about. Well, until next time folks, stay tuned and let me know your thoughts. I really would like to know. Thank you for reading.


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