No money, no money, no money

Wow, I don’t mean to sound insensitive. I just read a post on unemployment. The story: Two men unemployed, benefits ran out, can’t get jobs because they are overqualified. They are recently unemployed. Used to make over $75.000. That’s a lot of money. 

My story: Last time I worked was 2008. Part time anyway and working for an Employment agency. (Meaning not many hours). I was already going to a public clinic when I found out I may have to go on dialysis. Went on dialysis for about two and a half years. Blessed to have received a kidney transplant. All the time on dialysis, I looked for work. Nothing happened. That’s right, I haven’t worked since 2008.

Reading about those two men are sad. But it’s not the first time I have read about high-income earners being let go, fired and looking for work. I feel sorry/sympathy for them simply because they want to work and they need an income. They need income because they have to pay for a house, a car, get groceries and other things I don’t know about. \

I want to work. I want a partime job, at least 30 hours. And it’s been so long, my body, I know, won’t be used to doing that kind of thing again. I don’t want to be afraid to get back into the workforce. And the first thing I think of is maybe this person could become an entreprenuer. I think that would be good.  I would like to do that myself. I have a few ideas. The problem is I have had these ideas for a while. But I still am not sure if they are good ideas. 

Yea, I have read a lot about starting your own business, entreprenuership, and all those other things. But there are things that I need that’s keeping me from starting something. But I still want to DO something. I am not on welfare. I don’t get food stamps. I want to work, contrary to what  some folk(the GOP) are saying. I do receive a disability check. I need it. I’ve been diagnosed with ESRD. 

I don’t know if I could work regularly now, I would try. I hope I get another job. But I am not sitting at home “waiting for the government to give me handouts”. I am still looking for work and I refuse to stay unemployed. If I can help it. So to those men who are waiting for more unemployment income, don’t give up. Because I believe you did work hard to get to where you were and what else you need to do.


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