Online Dating

Online dating. Oh oh! Well, yea I’ve tried it. And……I won’t sign up again anytime soon. First, I signed up with I still haven’t met anyone in person. There were a lot of matches. I thought when I set up my profile with what I was looking for, I specified a Black male. And the whole time(well, I think I’m still registered but I’m not sure) I get more white males for a match. Here I go telling you I’m not racist but I want a Black man. I just want a Brotha – plain and simple. Don’t hate me. Don’t cuss me out. Don’t tell me I need to date outside of the box or date outside my race. That’s another story. Anyway, I believe I’m ready to get out of that one. 

Next one that I signed up with was I was excited to get on that site. I was nervous too. Well, it didn’t go the way I wanted it to. First of all, if I sent a message to someone I was interested in and they didn’t reply, I felt rejected. It took me a good while to understand that a view is just a view. And I viewed a whole lot of Black singe men. Yes and they were looking good. Pretty teeth. Nice and dark and all that. But some were not all the way single the way the way they claimed they were. 

There were some connections and some conversations got started. Kinda nice. Even thought I would meet somebody. There a couple of men I wanted to meet and hoped to get with. One man was from Jamaica, kept telling me that he wanted to see me. The other man told me he was from Africa. He lived in Durham, I think. Both men started off  being very sensual. Telling me things such as  he wanted to give me a message or he wanted to message my feet/back. Asking me do I like to kiss and other stuff, soon after we started communicating. 

Well, I have to say that I am so old – fashioned and slow and I told them that. They didn’t care. They sounded like they were ready to get to it. And when I told them I wasn’t ready for some things, they slowly drop me. That’s ok. Some men even complained about my profile photo. The photo I put on the site, the photo I  thought I wanted to be the main one, was criticized by two men. WHAT! Are you serious? In the photo, I wore a pink scarf in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was October when I took the photo. I even  put a statement under the photo explaining about the shot. Anyway, one man apologized. Didn’t expect that but I thanked him.

Now I just let my membership for Zoosk expire. I couldn’t believe some men even messaged me a line.I can’t think of them but I just had to call them out. Well, there were some good looking  men on there. Wanted to connect with a few of them but they only viewed me. I am currently getting to know someone I connected with. But the relationship is not quite the way I  like it for a few reasons that I won’t tell here. I’ll just say that I’m working on getting closer and other things. Oh, and he messaged me first. Yay. 

So, for Part 1 of letting you know of my dating adventure( and I never thought I would do anything like this), I want to tell you to go for it and see what happens. It took me forever to even think of doing this. But I am glad I did. This taught me to not go on a dating site again. Part 2 of this post will probably give you more details on my relationship with my connection. And until next time, Wish me luck!



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