More than the Superbowl game

I am sorry but I wanted to write about something totally different this time. This will be short. This is about sex trafficking and the Superbowl game. May seem crazy but it’s true. And I didn’t know that January is Human Trafficking and something month. I don’t even know the name they are calling it but it has something to do with sex trafficking and sex slaves and that sick crazy mess. A whole month. A whole month about sex slave/human trafficking? That’s sick. We need to learn more about this and do something. I don’t know, maybe tell other people. Go to some websites and read up on it. And sorry I don’t have any site for you to go to right now but I will find some. Please learn about this and help the victims.Thank you


One thought on “More than the Superbowl game

  1. You are so right. it is a sick mess and we all need to be more educated about the reality that 1 in 3 girls and women will be sexually assaulted or beaten in their lifetime. Which is why I am holding the One Billion Rising event in my city. Go to for more details about the movement. Also visit the Polaris Project out of Washington DC. Follow me on twitter @OBRTulsa.

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