ok, I know it’s the weekend and I haven’t posted since, umm, anyway. This is for 100wordsoffiction. Thank you for choosing me again for a new project(?). Thank you and I am happy that I am one of your picks. And now I realize that I messed up on the award that I was nominated for. I’m sorry. Any next recognition, I will try harder to do it right. And have to catch up again on the challenge. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I was busy deciding on how I was going to compliment my curvygurl choice whenever I finish my research. I do have many ideas as far as curvygurls, so next week I will get back to it. And I will probably talk about color. Yes I like color, although blue is my favorite color. So, until next time, it’s almost Valentine’s Day or is it St. Patrick Day. Or maybe not.That’s what it looks like in the Dollar Tree Store.


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