Day 23 Challenge

I am supposed to have a  round up of posts that I like and tell why I like them. I have more than a few that I like but I won’t do too many. New Dress a Day is one that I really like because the author, I believe her name is Marissa, enjoys visiting the Goodwill retail store and purchasing and outfit and bringing it home to refashion it. I like the way she starts off by stating why she chose what she chose and and she continues on to tell what she plans to do with it. And she has photos and with the photos she breaks down the post with what she is doing to it . It may be removing a lace collar. Or removing sleeves. Or taking in the waist. Or something. She finishes the post with a final photo and It always looks so cute.I always like the finished outfit. I got onto her blog because I wanted to sew(haven’t started yet) but I like to wonder how she comes up with final outfit.

Curves Become Her is a favorite of mine. Aarti Olivia is the author of this blog and I love to read about her days. She is a curvygurl and she talks about her conditions. She is so blunt but not exactly a tmi piece. She is so cute. Well she’s got dimples you could snuggle up in and her eyes are beautiful. She doesn’t even mind putting the size of her outfits when she puts up her photos when she goes out on the town with “the hubste” I like the way she does that. Everybody has issues, and she just listed hers on a recent post. She is good. I like her writing. You need to read at least a couple of her post. You might be surprised. Enjoy.

Another blog that I have been following for months is titled “Gotta Find a Home”, I don’t think I could find it on WordPress and I don’t want to be disrespectful. I believe this author is from Canada. He writes about the homeless. He always meet with a group of people, men and women on a corner somewhere. I don’t even know which city but these people are trying to find a home, and rustle up a few dollars and not freeze to death.  One man in the group just passed away sometime before Christmas. Anyway, I hope this one counts because it helps me kinda see how some homeless people are thinking. It sounds like they are close. They do each other favors and help each other out and just try to wish each other good days. They drink and they have to see social workers. They are almost like other folk. Except they really don’t have a pemanent place to stay. At least not the way we all want to have. Maybe you can find this one and maybe all of us can understand some folks better.

This is curvygurl signing off on some great blogs. and i hope you don’t dismiss my suggestions.  Until next time,have a good weekend.


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