Leibster award

Oh, boy! Twice in one day. This is a lot for me but it’s keeping me thinking. I need to do this post for 100wordsofficttion. The author nominated me for a Leibster award. WOW!! I luv writing a post but I didn’t expect this. This is really a very nice surprise. Thank you again. Anyway. I need to answer some questions and I want to answer on this  post. So, here we go!

Question #1. Have you written a journal? Yes I have. I started two journals. The first one was almost complete. In it I worked on a food journal and I ended with draafts for a blog that I wrote about handbags. That blog was titled thebaggXchange.

The second question is “Do you have a pet? No I don’t. I really am not into having pets. But I don’t like to hear or read about animals be tortured or abused.

Question #3. What is your favorite book?  I actually have two. They are Things Fall Apart” and Coffee Will Make You Black. 

The fourth question is “Do you do your laundry? Yes I do.

Next question – “Have you tried eating Kale? Yes I have. I like Kale and I just started hearing about it and now I am more into eating it. What I am doing right now is making Kale chips, using just salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Keeps me from eating so many chips.

Ok, question #6 is “When was the last time you travelled by plane? The last time I was on a plane was years ago when I won a trip to the Bahamas. Yep, I won a trip to the Bahamas. I know people win stuff all the time but I have never won anything huge like that. I always like the water and I am an ok swimmer. I was so excited to get there, I just wanted to get in the ocean. is 

Question #7. “Do you drink soda? Yes I do. Way to much, I have to admit.

Question #8 is “Sweet or Salty? Definately salty. Peanuts, nuts, pickles. olives, chips, crackers…….

And question #9 which is “If you have a favorite quote, what is it?” My favorite quote is “It’s always something” This quote is from Gilda Radner. I loved watching herd on SNL. Yes, I’m getting up there.

And the final(?) question is “How do you keep yourself fit?” Hahaha. Oh that’s funny. Well, when I do do something, I start by marching in place. I like to do squats, leg kicks, sometimes I’ll do planks and I like to use hand weights.





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