Oh boy! Did you watch Oprah’s Lifeclass on Colorism Friday night at 9 pm on Jan. 10? This show was hosted by Iyanla Vanzant and it was so eyeopening. Iyanla was hitting it on the head with a lot of issues. She told us we need to acknowledge our pain. Oh man. This was a good one tonight. And I was so into it. The program came on at 9 pm Friday and I thought it would be two hours. but it was just one hour. I do hope some of you watched it because I think we need to discuss it more, not act like it doesn’t matter because it does. Tika Sumpter(from HavesandHaveNots) was a guest speaker.I like what she had to say. Are you lighter than a paper bag? It seemed as if the lighter skinned women were more selfassured and the dark skinned women were more shy and scared to speak up. One dark skinned young women was so down on herself, it was sad. She looked so sad and she didn’t even believe an lighter skinned women when the lighter skinned women told her she was beautiful. Love yourselves. We have curves, big lips, fat thighs. I luv my curves and I luv the skin I’m in. Be self confident. Be body confident. You are beautiful. Luv yourself. Inside and Out.


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