Elle and the Funny Ladies

Hello and Happy Friday! I hope you wonderful people are doing good, in good spirits. I try to stay in a good mood. I am hoping that you will let  me know how you feel about my opinions and ideas or if my posts mean anything to you. Please send me comments. I am trying to convince more people to be proud of your body and have the body confidence I hope you develope. For myself, I am proud to be a curvygurl and one day I will post a photo. I don’t want to be a skinny gurl but  I am not morbidly obese. Yes, I am a curvygurl and at a size 12 – 14, I am considered “plus-sized”. Hahahahaha!! Ok, well, I never planned to be a model anyway. (Mindy Kaling is size 8, are they embarressed at Elle)? The cover is a nice shot but what’s wrong with the color? Why is she…. nevermind. I believe you guys, at the mag are kind of scared to let loose and be bold. Think you’re gonna lose some readership? Maybe you’ll gain some. Well, size 8 is not big at all. Like I said, I am a curvygurl and for that, I choose myself as, oh wait, nevermind. I choose Mindy as the curvygurl of the week. Yay Mindy. But don’t hide. Next time, show that body, that’s what we want to see gurl, more curves.Sorry, Mindy but I spelled your last name wrong. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Elle and the Funny Ladies

    1. Hey Sharon. I’m glad like my post. I hope you enjoy the others that are coming up. And I hope you send comments on something I may have missed or not thought about Thanks to all the other followers. Have a good weekend.

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