Curves Become Her

No, I did NOT take the blog title from Aarti Olivia. Aarti, don’t think I did. I really like her. I do. She’s curvy and bold. She is very frank about certain personal issues. She sounds really sweet and I can kind of get inside her head. Her mental awareness is interesting and  she is out there, not hiding or not being shame. Her fashion is not crazy. Her outfits fit her, showing curvyness and not being shamed. And she is so cute.

She is not ashamed to show her curves and we see she is proud of her curves. Happy for her. I have been following Aarti since, probably late spring of 2013. She is kinda funny and then she sounds like she is sad. So very real. I only imagine her expressions and feelings as she writes a post. And she’s got beautiful big eyes and her dimples are serious. Like everyone else, she has issues. She makes me proud to be a curvygurl. So here’s to you Aarti Olivia. And for this, I choose you as my Curvygurl as the week. Happy New Year as Curves Becomes Her. Oh yea, i like her. Keep posting gurl. Until next time.


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