From one Curvygurl to Another

Yay, Campbell gurl! I am sorry I don’t know which is which but you have on a white dress in a promotional photo. She is defending the choice in what she is wearing in the photo. This beautifully designed dress is made for her. And yes, she is wearing it. No cutouts, no slits up to her, you know. It’s just fitting her. And she is just looking good. She is fighting back against the haters. Uh, what would you call them. When I saw the photo, i thought ‘ok, she’s got new music coming out’. That was my first thought. I didn’t think ‘what is she wearing?’. Anyway, the way she looks in the dress is dignified, in my opinion. It’s classy, WHITE, she wasn’t showing cleavage. Oh and what kind of material is it made from? It didn’t look tight to me. I don’t know and I don’t care because she just looks good in it. She curvy. Always has been and always will be. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. No hands on her hips, no flippin’ her hair. It’s just a nice and classy pose. I like that and I like her(I believe it’s Erica). Did they want her in a choir robe? Not with the body she has. Don’t hide her, like they did Melissa McCarthy( that big ole coat). Anyway, her voice is not the only blessing she received from the Man above and we know it.

That white one piece dress she has on is really pretty, so what’s wrong with it? I hope she doesn’t change anything about the photo. I know I would be upset. I know she still has her fans, including me. She’s got the voice and she’s got curves and I hope she’s not ashamed of one and be proud of the other. We know God gave her both and I don’t see nothing wrong with that. Stay blessed Erica, stay blessed and curvygurl. This is why Erica, I choose you as my curvygurl of the week. And stay proud and body confident. Yay! P.S. please let me know if I have the wrong sister( I hope not though). Happy New Year everybody!!



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