Kim K. Still Body Confident

Oh my goodness! When are we going to leave this gurl alone? Huh? When? Yea, yea, we know that she makes her living being in the media spotlight and now she is with Kanye. But she has always been body confident from what I have seen. I have always like her because of that. I saw her curves and I thought ‘she looks good’. I felt she was proud of her curves. Like the guy in the “Soul Food” movie says “coke bottle” and that’s a real nice description if you ask me. I know you didn’t ask but anyway. Wish I had a coke bottle shape, still working on it. So many times Kim K. showed off. We expected that. Now that she has a baby and even while she was pregnant, some folks are calling her names. Why? Is it because she is with Kanye. Hmmm, I wonder. Never had a baby but I assumed that a pregnant woman usually loses her shape when the baby grows. Why call Kim K. names because she lost her shape while pregnant and worked( I believe) to get it back? Haters(?). That’s right I said it. Yea, come on with the comments, I want and need them. I don’t know everybody’s thought. Tell me what you think and let me know what I should write on my blog about body confidence. Because if you got curves, show em.

Anyway, when she was with Chris Humprees, a lot of folks(not me) almost had a fit about the televised wedding to him and then called it a fake. Saying she did it to get ratings for her family’s show and to get more gifts. Too bad the marriage didn’t last. I kinda like Chris. Anyway, that’s partly why she is famous. Looks like she copied Paris Hilton. At least Paris Hilton went to college and received a degree(was it in Marketing or Business?). At least that’s what I heard.

For myself, I liked Kim K. and Khloe K. but I admire them for being body confident.I believe that’s what we all need to do. Show our body confidence. If you are a size 8 and curvy be confident. If you are a curvy 20 be confident. Is Kim K. back to the size she wants to be? Maybe, maybe not? Why are we worrying about that doggone bikini photo? I don’t care about it. I want her to be healthy and the baby as well. Whatever amount of time it took her to get her body back to the way she wants it to be, she did it. And for that Kim K., I choose you as my curvygurl of the week(sorry, you’re not the only one). Now stay curvy and body confident ’cause you look good gurl. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!


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