Ok, this phrase might be kind of old but I still think but what I am thinking of is nonsense. What I am talking about is the photoshop trend. Why? It’s weird and kind of creepy. I’ve been hearing about this photo shop trend since maybe, summer of this year. And I think it’s kind of stupid and a waste of time and energy. To take a photo of a woman, whether she is a model or actress or whoever she may be and change parts of the body is creepy to me. Why are you changing her look? Why? What is so wrong with her? Because she got hips. She looks good. She got a body. What’s wrong with that?  Nice legs. Don’t shave/cut her up. Nobody is perfect. I don’t think I would want anyone to change my photo by cutting up my body. Need to do that myself. Ladies, you are beautiful. That’s right, you are beautiful just the way you are and you need to believe this. You are great. Don’t change that. You don’t need to. Your curves are part of your beauty. Luv your curves. Luv them. I luv mine. Stay positive and confident. Body confident. You look good.


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