Uh, Curvelicious, yea

Hello there People. How is everything going? Well, I will make this very short. This is about our curviness. And yes that should be a word. Anyway, I want to make a mention of someone I read about in Essence magazine a few months ago. And about bullying. Some people are just brave to take on bullies but me, I would probably ignore most of it. Jai Stone(you may already know her. I am always late with things) of emotionalnudity.com had a piece published on the back page. She was talking about the bullies on the internet when she was discussing not meet a special person(or something close to that).Some of the comments were negative and I kinda feel sorry for them. Because she(as much as I could see) is a Beautiful woman and has a really nice smile. And that bracelet was something. Well Jai, you keep on doing your thing. And stay strong. We should keep luving ourselves and be comfortable and happy with the curves we got. Be proud!


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