I Am a CurvyGurl!

Hey people! Yea, this is another blog about curvy girls. What? You haven’t read that many? Well that’s good. Maybe. Well, I want to let you know about my thangs going on. And try to work in some photos. Cause see, I usually don’t like to take pictures. But I will try. I like the term curvy girl but I want to spell it the way I like to spell it – curvygurl. Not to bad is it? Anyway I started here before with a handbag blog but it disappeared for some reason(my fault). Then I tried to do the record store thing, still working on that one. Also the headwrap blog. Yea, I’ll do some of that again and I plan to stay with it this time. I just get distracted sometimes. So hopefully I can get some readers from other curvygurls. I read Curves Become Her and the In Between Girls. And maybe get some male readers, the ones who truly like curvygurls in the good/right way. I like my curves but I want to be healthy curvy. My size goes up from 12 to 14 and back down. If you are curvy, then you are curvy. Whether you are a size 10 and curvy or a size 18 and curvy you look good. And when you want to get healthy, nothing wrong with that. I didn’t include every size because you know who you are and I hope you think my posts are ok and I hope you comment. Let me know what you think. Is ist good? Do I need to add anything? Black, white, Latino, anybody else? SHOW THOSE CURVES GURL!! Thank you and please stay tuned.




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