I Believe it’s Time

I think its finally time to do more with this blog. I want this as a website. I have a lot of ideas and I would like to do what some other folks are doing and maybe work on selling t shirts. With a few phrases I think I need to build a brand. I would really appreciate all the support I can get and I want to Thank you in advance.


I’ve been watching the NAACP March from Selma, Alabama to Washington, D.C. Today the group is finishing the March into D.C. Unfortunately, they just lost one of their members. But so glad they are almost at their destination.

Something new

Essence magazine has started something new. They are beginning a subscription their new beauty box. And they are calling it the Essence Beauty Box. I believe you can go online now to read more about it or full put a form to
start your subscription.

Information is in the new issue of Essence and I believe they will be flooded with members, including me. I hope you enjoy.

Man Showers

Question. How do you guys feel about a new trend called man showers? Yes, that’s right. Man showers. When a woman had a baby shower, her friends, family, coworkers and other close people give her a shower for the baby. But now, the men are having a shower. And they are doing some of the same things the women do.

They play games, have food, act goofy and laugh a whole lot. It sounds fun. It looks fun. But, do they really need it? First they gotta have a “man cave”. Now they’re expecting a “man shower”. I can’t even think of what’s next.

Can you? Let me know what you think.

The DIY Jersey Headband

Hello people! Miss you. Anyway, in an earlier post, I wrote about a pin that was repinned and like so many times. It’s a really cute photo; it shows pieces of the headband separate, then it is shown altogether. It’s a diy project that I am still getting emails about all the people who repinned it. Thank you to all the folks who liked it enough to pin.  I don’t even have a photo at the moment. I’ll have to go and find it. Until next time, check out Pinterest!